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Author Topic: Motorrad Navigator V - No voices coming through on bluetooth  (Read 1347 times)

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Hi all, I'm new to the site and I've done a search and not found anything on here about this yet, so hope someone can help me. I've recently bought a Motorrad Navigator V and am having problems hearing the turn by turn instructions though bluetooth. Being a typical Yorkshireman, I'm tight and didn't want to fork out for a fancy Scala or Sena setup so have a set of bluetooth earbuds that i thought I'd try. I have managed to link them up through bluetooth and I even hear the beep when you scroll through the settings but I cannot hear any directions. I have checked the usual stuff like the volume/mute and have tried other languages which are on there but nothing seems to come out of the earbuds. I've check the earbuds with my mobile and they work fine so it's not them. I assume I have a setting on the Sat Nav wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Just one thing you have turned the Navigation up haven't you.... :084: Course you have. :007:

Try this, Bluetooth you smart phone to the Nav 5 then pair your ear buds to the phone--- if that does not work try keeping your phone attached and pair your ear buds to the Nav 5.

I've spent many unhappy hours trying to get my Sena headsets to talk to the Nav 5 both for directions and music and talk to my pillion, which is still a work in progress, the hole Bluetooth thing is a faff. 
What with batteries dying and then the Bluetooth has lost connection for no reason at all.
Give me a good old connection any day.

PS: for the past 20 years I've worked in IT and have the patience of a saint when it comes to teck!
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I use a Senna and have found that the best way is to pair the phone to the Nav and then the Nav to the senna

No problems with this and everything then seems to work as it should

The problem in life with these bluetooth things IMO is the numbers of devices they have to try and handle at once and like me they get easily confused
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I use a Scala and paired the iPhone 5S to the Nav 5 and then the Scala headset to the Nav and it's perfect. Easy and I am no way an IT wizard. If I ever answer the phone people don't know I am on the bike. I also use professionally moulded ear pieces with speakers plugged straight into the Scala and the sound quality is amazing  :152:
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