Author Topic: New Member from damp Derbyshire!  (Read 2950 times)

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New Member from damp Derbyshire!
on: February 23, 2015, 12:13:31 PM
Just signed up after getting an invite.  :020:

Had totally forgotten about it to be honest, winter is a no go for me and I don't mind admitting it so biking wasn't on my mind at the moment. Currently I have a 2008 Honda Fireblade which I've had since new. In my old age (40's something  :164: ) I've decided that it's time to move on from sportbikes despite riding them for over 15 years. Basically looking for something more upright and comfortable without sacrificing performance. Will I get the new XR ? who knows but it's time to change bikes this year so I'll wait till it comes out before deciding.

Ride safe -  :063: