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Welcome to the S1000XR Forum
on: February 18, 2015, 07:29:56 PM

Welcome to the Forum !  :152:

Today we went live and opened the site up to new members. A low key afair with no fan fair as we are still configuring a few things and ironing out the odd issue. No worries as we aim to make the forum the number one owners club for BMW S1000XR owners.

At the moment there's no bike  :164:  and it looks like we will have to wait till June before we see one in the flesh. In the meantime I'm sure there's plenty to speculate and chat about.

So if have the BMW S1000XR on your potential shopping list then join up and post your thoughts and views. It's never too early to join and you're likely to hear the news on here first so membership has it's benefits.

It's free and quick to join so sign up today:  REGISTER

Enjoy the forum - Cheers  :821: