Author Topic: More BMW dealer good service to report  (Read 1432 times)

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More BMW dealer good service to report
on: May 11, 2018, 05:59:14 PM

After buying the XR from Cotswold BMW in Gloucester last year they have moved to a big new custom built place in Cheltenham so decided to get the service done there - after getting a few prices as I am between Oxford / Cheltenham and Bristol ... so any would be just as easy.

Booked in for a "while you wait service" and for a "competitive" but not cheap price - while you wait there is free tea / coffee either DIY or over in the car side opposite a full Barista coffee bar (all free !) and papers / car /bike magazines...

They also looked at the slack sat nav mount and showed me where the Dynamic chip thing goes (although as per BMW guidelines I had to install it  :156:) - click  :005: :005: :005:

All good over than the front tyre is wearing a bit unevenly and the coolant was low - but would be addressed on the service - just notified to keep an eye on the level. Even get email with link to all details.

All in all a lot better than the last experience with the Ducati Multi - that started stranded at the side of the road - out of fuel despite it saying 120 miles remaining. - oh yes they do that when the fuel float stick sir. - made even worse when the Ducati Assist refused to help as the bike was not registered on their system when I bought it - thanks dealer !!!

In the end the servicing dealer had to collect me in the van - what a mess -and the beginning of the end for the Multistrada - which got traded for the big white XR beast.....