Author Topic: S1000 'S' series cross over parts list  (Read 3883 times)

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S1000 'S' series cross over parts list
on: December 30, 2015, 09:18:15 AM
I started this on the other forum and due to a few of us frequenting both sites i thought it might help everybody if we pulled together our knowledge and came up with a definite list.

The idea is simple really, obviously as the 1000xr, 1000r & 1000rr share the basic engine, i figured many of the parts made for each version 'may' crossover and fit the sister models. You see theres not that much listed on traders sites that fit the XR, but I'm not convinced they actually know whether certain parts do or don't.

Similarly when i was picking up my bike i hung my nose over a rather lovely looking (added bling) R Nine T in the showroom, to me it looked like the nice billet brake reservoir cap fitted to that was the same shape as the one on the XR.

Who'd have thought that (although id still like to get it confirmed)

Anyway, below is a basic starter for 10 list. some of the parts are confirmed , many are not but thats where everybody can chip in.

If you categorically know the answer then please just copy n paste with the addition, then after a few weeks maybe admin will make it a sticky. If this gets done well then it opens up loads of opportunities for us all as they'll be more stuff to buy (your wallets can thank me later)

S Series crossover parts

Body panels / Carbon:

Front mudguard = S1000R/S1000RR
Rear hugger = S1000r (TBC)
Hand guards =    
Belly pan Fairing front (short) =
Radiator cover = S1000R Evotech
Oil Cooler cover = S1000R Evotech

Billet CNC / Controls:

Front Brake reservoir cap = Nine RT (TBC)
Rear sets = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Foot pegs front = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Foot pegs rear = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Oil filler cap = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)


Air filter = S1000R/S1000RR
Brake pads = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Brake discs = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Exhaust headers =
Rear Sprocket = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Front Sprocket = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)

Fixtures / fittings & maintenance:

Engine case bolt sets = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Brake disc rotor bolts = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Oil filter = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Headlight bulbs high beam = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Headlight bulbs low beam = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Paddock stand cotton reels / bobbins = M8 Standard pitch

Crash protectors:

Fork / front wheel sliders = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Rear wheel spindle sliders = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)
Engine casing sliders = XR has deeper clutch basket
Bar end sliders = S1000R/S1000RR (TBC)


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Re: S1000 'S' series cross over parts list
Reply #1 on: December 31, 2015, 08:13:44 PM
the handlebar guards are identical to a r1200gs LC


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Re: S1000 'S' series cross over parts list
Reply #2 on: February 12, 2016, 07:37:21 AM
Handle bar risers also same as R1200GS LC. But take note. only can be 25mm risers, anything more than that could affect the cable length.