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Author Topic: The "BEAST" Ground Anchor  (Read 1200 times)

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The "BEAST" Ground Anchor
on: March 10, 2020, 01:31:41 PM
If you agree with us in that you can't be too cautious with the home security of our beloved bikes, then I think you'll really like this one! This is the most over the top ground anchor you can buy, you could literally chain an aircraft carrier up with it! It is ridiculously over sized and over engineered and you really cannot get any better ground anchor!

Here's some stats...

* It weights 10KG
* It`s shackle is 45mm square solid steel
* The base plate alone is 15mm thick steel
* It requires around 4" (100mm) of solid concrete to fit the anchor bolts
* It`s welded by an industrial welding machine which is normally used to weld heavy fabrications for the railway industry
* It uses industrial standard M16 security clutch bolts and nuts to hold it onto the floor so that when it`s tight it snaps off leaving a rounded surface you can`t get a grip on

They come painted Satin Black, but this is really just an undercoat, and you can paint it whichever colour you wish or leave it as is.

So if you want the best, then look no further, this is the best you'll find! No one is getting through it without bringing huge attention to themselves!

And remember, as with all of our products, being a member of this forum, you get our special discount code which will give you a 10% discount off the RRP of all of our S1000XR products!

Discount code: S1000XR10

Please let me know what you think, I am very happy to answer any questions.

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