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Author Topic: Brittany Ferries  (Read 3641 times)

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Re: Brittany Ferries
Reply #20 on: April 04, 2020, 04:52:41 PM
*Originally Posted by S1000XR [+]
Problem with vouchers is that some of these companies might not be around in 6 months time.

You are assuming that you will be,having had a relative die of Corona in the last week i’ll Be concentrating on staying alive never mind bothering about 400 quid.


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Re: Brittany Ferries
Reply #21 on: April 05, 2020, 02:26:23 PM
Very true  :169:


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Re: Brittany Ferries
Reply #22 on: April 17, 2020, 03:53:03 PM
Just another update for those interested.
Just had another Email from B/F customer services today at 12.35.
Content reads. Brittany Ferries will not be cancelling any sailings Between the UK & Spain For bookings made for May 2020.
                         We will issue Vouchers " Note " for (12 months) if you want to Amend your sailing under our Terms & Conditions.
                         At the Moment the earliest amendment you can make on your Booking for this year will be " A random date in October" WTF.
                         And any vouchers issued under our terms & conditions must be used within twelve months of your Original Booking.
Fooking Disgrace THEY are not offering cash refunds because officially they are not cancelling sailings. And even if I took them up on their offer the Hotels That we Booked in Spain are not responding to any Emails checking on there availability for those dates.
So the position is Cancel now and lose most of your money. Except the Vouchers and hope that you can use them within the Twelve Months. Or Go and hope you can get booked in some where when you arrive. ( Not even sure that Hotels Bars and restaurants will be open In May ).
Personally I think B/F have been a real let down. 
Everything  Will Be Alright In The End, If Not Then Its Not The End.


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Re: Brittany Ferries
Reply #23 on: April 19, 2020, 10:11:33 AM
All a bit of a nightmare but it is a game by the carriers (Airline and Ferry) for which we need to hold our nerve:-).  In short as I understand it if YOU decide to change you can normally can change it for free these days or get a voucher.  If THEY cancel it (nearer the time) they will offer vouchers but I think you can insist on getting a cash refund.  Although they won't make this easy and if the sailing does go ahead and you'll have a choice to make!  Peter