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Galespeed Clutch Lever Perch
« on: June 12, 2020, 12:50:56 AM »
Finally a clutch perch I like. Ands its adjustable. Galespeed has a clutch perch that is listed for the RR/R and so websites may list for the XR. Since the XR/RR/R all use the same micro switch it was reasonable that this would bolt on. It does. Install is straight forward. They also make a mirror mount back. But be warned it is a 10mm x 1.25 RH thread. the stock mirror is LH thread that screw in to a adapter that is RH male 10mm xm1.5. The aluminum piece in the photo is the adapter I made so everything installs nice and easy. It is female RH 10mm x 1.5 to RH male 10mm x 1.25.

After installing it I couldn't get the adjustment right. No problem just have to adjust the setting on the transmission side. that's easy, getting to it not so much. but did it anyways. All the specs are on the DVD to set the clutch cable slack. Yup it was a bit tight. All good now.