Author Topic: Easter Present From Powerbronze - Additional 5% discount  (Read 2670 times)

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Happy Easter Everyone,

For the next few days, Powerbronze are running an automatic 10% discount off our normal prices.

I know you get 10% off by using the promotion codes, so for the next few days I have changed the promotion code from 10% to 5% meaning that you will get 15% off in total.

Please Note : I have changed the promotion code to 15% off for members in the USA as this site does not have the automatic 10% discount applied.

The promotion codes are as follows :
Powerbronze UK= UKFORUM1
Powerbronze USA=  USAFORUM1
Powerbronze Ireland= IREFORUM1

Please remember to fill out the how did you hear about us menu, by selecting other and entering the name of the forum/group.

Thanks & Have a good Easter break.

All the best,