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Fuelling and Remapping
on: April 27, 2016, 02:52:45 PM
For those that want to put any home work into such there are various options(in Time!!)

Having been this route with my K1200 which I still have it,didn't want to use a PC as I have two other bikes with such and the K was not only going to be a pain to fit but needed time on a dyno,I'll cut a long story short and post various links up so when the opportunity arises folks can make their own mind up.

For the Americans they have 2 choices 3 if you include the PC option

That's these guys or these

For us guys in the Uk if your looking to have an aftermarket map blown into your ECU then it's also Rexxer

If you trawl through both the websites you will see there still isn't and option not even for a 16RR because BM have changed the ECU,but I can hardly say I'm surprised as re-writing a map is both complicated and time consuming and I'm sure in time both these companies who are at the forefront of such will come up with one for the XR.

Any one wondering what you get for your money this is my K with an Akra and DNA filter and a Rexxer map,no miracles just a linear power curve,performance wise there's little to choose between my K and XR,but as the XR comes in around 162hp stock hardly suprising.

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