Author Topic: Keyless ride experiences: Am I the only one misplacing them constantly?  (Read 2509 times)

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*Originally Posted by Mareng1 [+]
You have to admit, that aside from the practicality of your solution - - - - -  It really makes a mockery of "Keyless"  :028:

I do like keyless at petrol stations as I don't have to faff about with keys.

I didn't have a choice when buying my bike as I bought a new R1200RS from stock with a decent discount so had to take whatever was already fitted.

Would I pay extra for it if ordering a new bike before it was built? I don't think so. I never use OE luggage as I have several Givi cases and I need to carry a house and lock key as well so one extra for the bike is not a bind, plus of course these keys don't need to be kept dry or need a new battery every year.


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I did the same a few times.
Keep putting them down 'somewhere'.

Get apple airtags or Samsung do an android equivalent...


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My first keyless was 6 years ago, an R1200RS.  I thought it was a solution looking for a problem.  I have since gotten used to it and like it enough for it to be a non issue for me.  So I guess I am neutral to slightly positive on the idea.

I have not had any issues with misplacing or misusing the keyless part.


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Im on a 2018 so no keyless option for me , but I rarely if ever take the key out of the bike unless Im on a multi day ride with a hotel stayover...during day rides I just  leave it right in the ignition if Im stopped for lunch or whatever.
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Could always put in your prison purse


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Several of our cars and motorcycles (past and present) have been keyless. We have 2 cars and one bike now, all with key fobs. I guess you just get used to it. I have one place on my desk I keep my keys and fobs, and I desk drawer where I keep the ones I'm not using right away, like my wife's car and our storage keys, etc.

The cars have two key fobs, so no need to share keys. The bike has only one key fob. Since I'm the only one who rides no problem there either.

The only issue is that the key fobs are much larger than regular keys. So no way to put all the fobs on a key ring like we used to do with normal keys. I use key ring magnets, and stick the current key fob to my house keys.


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As I understand it - in UK, most keys can be scanned/cloned through an open letterbox, unless either beyond range/walls or in a faraday cage (metal tin).  Cars or bikes. 

Admittedly, your bike is likely to be in a locked garage - as opposed to expensive car in the driveway, but just another thing to convince me that 'keyless is benefitless' (is that a word?)


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Well, it’s not only a keyless ride problem. There’s often quite a few things to faff through when using a bike. I parked up last week at a town centre multi storey. Took my key out of the ignition, removed my sat nav (although a 2016 bike I have the locking cradle fitted), unlocked my top box and removed the heavy duty chain to apply to the rear wheel. Unlocked my seat to get my disc lock to attach to the front wheel, attached my helmet to the bike with the small cable lock. Went off to do what I needed to do. Returned to the bike later and couldn’t find my key, where the f*ck was it?! Well, it turned out it was still in the lock to release the seat…..


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That’s generally where I find mine when it goes missing… :008:


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Ditto! For the life of me I just can’t remember to take the key out of the seat lock as soon as I release it  :087: