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Re: Jacket and Trousers
Reply #10 on: January 14, 2022, 08:31:40 AM
I basically do what Wessie does and agree about 4 season capability. Similarly don’t use the inner on the jacket and use layers, plus keis when it is very cold. The only other thing I add is that I tend to go for trousers that are longer than for normal trousers to allow for the riding up of the trousers in the bent knee position on a bike.

Rukka jacket and Dainese trousers for most of the year, with layers and heated layer for winter. You don’t need to buy the same brand top and bottom! The bottoms are actually unlaminated, and have a drop liner. The jacket is laminated. Found laminated trousers too uncomfortable and stiff in general.
Jeans and brown leather jacket in summer if I don’t want to look like a biker when I get to my destination, esp for more casual summer trips.
Mesh jacket if it’s really hot.
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Re: Jacket and Trousers
Reply #11 on: January 14, 2022, 07:28:47 PM
Best try stuff on and decide what you need for what riding you do and also how much you want to spend

Currently covering about 8 - 9000 miles a year so after years of clothing not fully delivering I went for some quality stuff

I will always try to use my kevlar jeans with either thermal leggings under or waterproof over trousers to suit conditions. I use the old resurgence voyager which are very comfortable for me, so much so I bought a spare pair which are stashed away but after 5 years the original ones are still going strong

I do have a pair of Rukka Kallix 2.0 trousers for any trips where it will be very wet but probably didn't need them

Rukka Nivala jacket, although expensive, suits me for all but the hottest days when I will use a Rukka Forsair armoured mesh jacket

After many jackets over the years I can say that the Nivala is the best jacket I have owned. It does have an 'improved' version out now funnily enough called the Nivala 2.0 more added ventilation zips

I did get a Lindstrands Lysvik jacket last year at £180 and this is a good waterproof summer type jacket and incredible value for cost - Same company as Halvarssons. Worked well on a week round Scotland in June last year with everything but snow