Author Topic: Does your xr handle better on left hand curves than right hand curves  (Read 3611 times)

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Evening all. just returned from a little road trip touring Scotland on my xr. It handled very well on left-hand turns but I noticed it was much harder to turn in on right Hand bends. Is it just me or is it the bike??? A fellow friend also with a new xr on the trip with me thought the same, are we just getting old or has anyone else experienced this problem. Also the clutch cable sticks and clicks a lot. Bmw say it is normal, has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know if it can be cured? I have fitted a set if grip puppies to the handle bars and these have helped with the dreaded vibes. It is worth a try at only £9.99 if you are experiencing vibes.


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If you're right handed, when you go round left hand bends, you won't realise this, but you will stick your tongue of of the left side of your mouth. The extra weight on the left then makes the bike handle better.


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It depends on which way you hang and which one is bigger. I have more weight on the left so left handers are much faster. :034:


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No problem with my " tall " bike on the move but felt top heavy at slow / filtering speed and was unpredictable to say the least. My new low version is different gravy, sure footed, no vibes and feels so right. What a shame this version was not available last year, something not right with old bike. And yes, the suspension was set up correctly. 


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Haven't noticed any difference on left or right handers, but have got the clutch lever / cable  stick and click issue. Not all the time and thought it was just me, interesting that someone else has noticed it.


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yep my clutch sticks, thats the one on the bike btw , dealer says thats how it works etc because its anti hopping when i had it serviced? I dont get it but there you go.

On R vs L turns, all in the head I'd say, i know bunch people who could turn great one side and medium other. bit of training and they are now equal. 


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Hi. My clutch clicks so did the demo I tried. Dealer again said it was normal.
Corners could possibly be the camber. Psychologically (won't got to too much detail) the majority of riders prefer right hand bends to left, whereas physically on left hand bends, on a normal crown camber,  the bike is more planted and stable safer.


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Left V Right, if you’re predominantly Right handed your right side will be a little stronger than the left.

“ After Years of doing Tai Chi and push hands I can tell the difference in people that are right or left handed”

Also of you have stained any injuries to any part of your arms or hands then this will make a difference.
This said I’d check all the cable and make sure all the cable are routed and as free as they can be, wheel alignment as well would be worth a look at.

After just over 1600miles I've not noticed any differences in left hand or right hand bends here in the UK or in France.

Some road do have a heavier camber to the inside to allow water to drain so that sometimes make one bend to another feel different.
After over thirty + years behind the bars, there's still lots to do and see.