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Re: Wow...
Reply #10 on: June 22, 2022, 10:52:12 PM
This won't be a popular post but I normally  ride my bikes until they hit 35-40K miles and then get a new one..thats around 3 years for me...The last 4 bikes I've not done any valve adjustments and going forward I won't even bother checking them anymore.

I do oil and filter every 4-5 K, change the brake fluid every year, maybe plugs at 30k and an air filter every 15K  but valve adjustment? nope....

   unless you constantly bounce it off the rev limiter, they almost never go out of adjustment...thats my experience anyway....along with the experience of my buddy who works as a tech at a major bike dealership.
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Re: Wow...
Reply #11 on: June 23, 2022, 09:12:25 AM
*Originally Posted by Antares [+]
Haha, never get a kawasaki then, the XR is easy by comparison, tightly packed but everything makes sense and is uniform. Just gotta pay attention where stuff comes from. One of the easiest bikes to complete simple maintenance on, and not expensive at all. Just had my chain and sprockets done myself, grand total of £109.99, cheaper than my 650 kawi, or at worst, same price....

Funny you should mention Kawasaki as that's about the only mainstream manufacturer I've never had. Can't reallly count the J300 scooter as that's really a Kymco  :008:
My brother used to work in an independent bike shop and he always said Kawasaki were awkward some needing the radiator to be removed to check valve clearances.

Can't really complain about the parts prices for the XR unless you insist on OEM BMW. I replaced the chain and sprockets too and I think everything including oil, filters, fork oil and brake fluid came to less than £200.
It's the time required and main dealer labour rates that result in £900 service quotes.