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    Hi from Kernow
    on: July 08, 2022, 07:38:19 pm
    July 08, 2022, 07:38:19 pm
    Hi folks,  :158:
    So a brief history.....
    Started riding in my mid 30's, now in my late 60's
    20+ years experience of touring in Europe, the Alps our favourite hunting ground but as far as Croatia.
    Last 2-up Euro tour was on a Multistrada which I kept for 2 years but it spent too much time back at the dealer's.
    But now 7 years since our last visit.  :003: (and looking to put that right)
    Mostly owned Hinckley Triumph's, currently a Speed Triple R (& SWMBO rides a Street Triple R).

    So as Covid restrictions ease we're now getting withdrawal symptoms and thinking of getting something suitable for comfortable 2-up touring (the Triumphs are keepers - but not ideal tourers in our advancing years  :002:).
    5 years ago as a way of getting a biking holiday we did a fly ride to a BMW test centre - Hotel Weisseespitze in Austria.

    Tried most models over the week there and thought the S1000XR suited me (& SWMBO as pillion) best, so now looking in that direction.
    Looking for a 2020 onwards as the pannier arrangement looks much neater.
    I'm looking for information and experiences of the low height version, I've never needed lower height versions in the past but seen one available near(ish) to me.
      Is it just the rear suspension link that is modified or are the forks different too?
      Is suspension travel/compliance compromised?
      Opinions on low vs standard vs high seats?

    And of course any other nuggets of information greatly appreciated.