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    Well once bitten...
    on: October 04, 2022, 09:35:30 pm
    October 04, 2022, 09:35:30 pm

    Evening all.

    Well after sending back my 2016 red XR when the PCP ended in 2020 i ended up with 2007 Repsol blade as i couldn't be without a bike and was lucky enough to ride all through lockdown to work, BM wanted 7.5k to keep the 16 plate and at the time i had the wife's 16 plate TT to buy from a PCP so she won that one, kind of glad really as it just worked out better without a PCP to mither with.

    The blade was mint, rare last of the underset exhaust and stupidly quick, was a dream i needed to box off and enjoyed my time with it.

    2022 landed and i retired so it was a case of looking for a more sensible steed, and here we have a 21 plate XR Triple black, needless to say im rather pleased and i look forward to digging it out of the garage, the girl flies  :001:

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