Author Topic: S1000XR versus the S1000R: sound and comfort ?  (Read 4355 times)

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S1000XR versus the S1000R: sound and comfort ?
on: June 08, 2015, 08:59:50 PM
I got to have a testdrive with the S1000R last Saturday and will have to wait to the end of next week to drive the S1000XR.
Is there anybody out there who has driven both and can comment on:
+ suspension comfort with ESA: the S1000R had ESA but even in the comfort selection i thought is was quite hard suspension ?
+ sound: the S1000R was pretty loud i thought, even a bit too loud because when you drive normal highway speeds in 6th gear for me it was too loud ?


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Re: S1000XR versus the S1000R: sound and comfort ?
Reply #1 on: June 09, 2015, 10:18:50 PM
I can't really comment on the S1000R but I have just come off a K1300S and it was a great bike but the ergo's for me just weren't cutting it.  Love the power but for long rides the position was wreaking havoc on my wrists and neck.
The s1000XR is an amazing bike from the perspectives of ergo's, power and overall chassis comfort.  You can dial in either comfort mode or harder riding as you want.  The thing that blew me away about this bike is that it carves like a layed down sport bike but is straight up riding.  I've never been on anything quite like it.  It's all I can do to stay off it for any length of time and I can't remember ever saying that about any other bike in 52 years of riding.   :002:
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