Author Finally about to join the fold.  (Read 521 times)

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    Finally about to join the fold.
    on: June 21, 2023, 04:20:09 pm
    June 21, 2023, 04:20:09 pm
    Well what a saga,i came on here about 2 months ago saying i was shortly going to get an XR,everybody was really nice with the welcomes,i knew it was a once in A decade/lifetime that i would have enough money to get one,as i am unemployed so sold my car as it was doing nothing[didn't want to] but didn't like it sitting there,so i was all set money from my 6 month old bike and the car money meant i could even get a used latest model but sadly for some reason the triple blacks fetch a much higher premium,so settled on a red but had to be reduced frame height which are rare,so rare that i trawled everywhere for 6 weeks spending loads of hours a day,the closest i come was £300 difference but as it was 300 miles away that meant a stay overnight and the petrol money meant i was closer to £500 away,so got real fed up and bought another ktm 1290 GT,which meant i could get a low mileage bike and be able to put £900 worth of bits on it, had it 17 days and true to some ktm's iv'e had in the past started to "stutter" at any revs in any gear,so now stupidly out of pocket and all the bits i bought taken off i am trading it in on saturday for a 2016 xr sport se,never traded a newer bike for an older one,but i really cannot wait.