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    The motor is like butter!
    on: July 24, 2023, 02:40:57 pm
    July 24, 2023, 02:40:57 pm
    As my S1000xr gen2 was in for a service at Wollaston BMW, I took the opportunity to take out the new M1000r.

    It was raining and the bike had not had its first service, so it was limited to 8500RPM either they did not trust me, or they know what I’m like.

    Very first impression the motor and gearbox are supper smooth, like 25% better than my gen2, next thing that hits you is the handlebars you can tell that the R is right in the middle of the S range the bars are direct but not like on the S1000RR but not as soft feeling as the XR. 

    I’m getting into my mid-fifties for me a couple of hours would be it for a day, that said I’d roll the bar’s up just a tad which would take a little pressure off the old wrists.

    The suspension needed a set of a spanner waving round the back end as it was a bit hard for the road.

    I road it in all modes, I still go the back end to spin up in rain mode without trying too hard.  As it was raining and quite hard at times, I was not being over ambitious, but I did get the bike to 30% without feeling it was close to the edge.

    At 2000RPM in 6th gear up a slight hill, I just rolled on the bike just rolled all the way up to the 8500 limit, with no issue at all no fluffy ness at all, so smooth, yes my XR will do that bit there’s a perceptible improvement, I’m not sure it’s just the 217BHP that’s making the difference it’s just smoother.

    I’m not sure that the wings are needed, they look a little odd and I don’t see the point.  As at let’s say double the speed limit you’re hanging on for grim death, with that itsy bitsy bit of plastic they call a bikini fairing doing nothing at all.  Like I say I’m mid-fifties and love my XR and the big comfy screen to hide behind.

    The M1000r would make one hell of a track day bike or a right good road bike for thrashing round on bigger B roads or A roads, which is what its designed for.  I’ll be taking another test ride in the dry and with one that’s had its first service.

    Would I have one Yes  :169: if all my riding was one up but it’s not so no :110:, the motor is soooo much better that then XR yes there are still vibes at about the same point.  The handling was very nice and easy to control despite the rain and the state of some of the bits of road it did not feel like it wanted to track with the ruts in the road at all.

    It’ll be interesting to test ride the M1000XR when it comes out next year which I'm told will be first quarter ish next year, expect to see it at the NEC this year!
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