Author I hit the jackpot! PUIG Sport Screen for $45!!!  (Read 500 times)

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    I hit the jackpot! PUIG Sport Screen for $45!!!
    on: August 09, 2023, 09:38:10 pm
    August 09, 2023, 09:38:10 pm
    LOL, this must have been a pricing mistake.  I have been looking for a good hot-weather screen.  I live in S. Florida - 98* today while riding at lunchtime. Ugh.  Anyway, I found the Puig sport screen while searching around, and then I Googled the part number to find the best price.  All of the regular sites had it between $121-$135...except for one, they had it for $45!  I'm guessing they missed the leading "1" I looked up the company and they had an awful review. 2 stars... ok, so I bailed... then I went to Amazon, and YES! It was there, too. Wrong price... 100% money back guarantee... WTH? Nothing to lose now... and it showed up YESTERDAY!!!

    So I mounted it up last night, and today as I was riding in 98 degree F heat, I had nice smooth airflow at ANY speed from my neck/shoulders up. The chin vent on my helmet came to life, and I felt a lot more air around my sides and back, too. WINNER!  Of course it is tiny for Winter, but I'll deal with that again.

    So my quick review:  PUIG is quality stuff. Came with good hardware, great instructions in multiple languages, and what was really nice was the airstream comparison chart and picture showing the wind flow with both OEM and Puig screens, so you can see what it is doing in a windtunnel. I would buy PUIG products again without hesitation.

    Mark Turkel