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    Givi s310 lights
    on: August 30, 2023, 04:36:34 pm
    August 30, 2023, 04:36:34 pm
    What a waste of hard earned dosh. Cheaply made, tat. I bought a set and fitted them last week. Came to use the bike at the weekend  and the lights didnt work. so after investigation, found an inline fuse blown, 1 of 2 inline fuses? Decided to open them up, as i found online that it is just an h3 bulb inside. i thought "nah. it cant be"...and yep, it certainly electrics, in reality they are a plastic holder for h3 bulbs and some wires and a relay for near on £150!!!! absoluty disgusted they they charge so much for something the chinese 10 years ago where knocking out for a fiver.
    So, decided to upgrade them yesterday. I had some so called cheap chinese ones and when i opened them up they are a circuit board with and led diode. I tried them on a spare battery and the work brill, so out came the h3 buld, soldered the wires for the off the circuit board to the wires off the givi and "hey presto" led lights. They have 3 modes as well, dull, brighter and flashing, so im made up now...but still peed at the thought of what givi charge. I tried contacting the place i bought them from to advise of the not working problem before i found the inline fuses, but ive heard nothing back, so not holding my breath. They should use less voltage as well, so happy days. :152:

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