Author HP front brake lever excessive travel - mystery solved  (Read 2510 times)

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    HP front brake lever excessive travel - mystery solved
    on: August 30, 2016, 03:46:47 am
    August 30, 2016, 03:46:47 am
    Hello all

    From the first time I pulled out of the dealer's driveway, the front brakes on the XR felt weird.

    Oh, they were OK once they were on, but the lever travel was excessive.  The mechanic agreed with me.

    The two demonstrators I rode felt entirely normal - but they both had standard levers.  I have HPs on mine.

    I measured the lever pull today, and it took about 35mm of movement until the brakes actually started to bite. 

    So, I went and got my standard levers from the dealer - the bike came with the HP ones already fitted.

    I pulled off the HP lever and compared it with the standard one....

    (HP at top)

    As you can see, the actuating arm that pushes against the piston (bottom left of each lever) is about 5mm shorter on the HP lever - this translates to about 6-8mm of lever travel once installed.

    Installed the standard lever, and the lever travel felt normal again...

    Why Gilles Tooling designed the lever like that, I have no idea.  I had their levers on my S1000R, and the lever travel was normal....

    The HP clutch lever is fine....but I would not buy the brake lever again.