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Re: Pirelli Angel GT
Reply #30 on: July 17, 2019, 07:27:45 PM
*Originally Posted by Franksie [+]
Well I decided to get some new tyres today. My old T30,s were squared off to the point of being unsafe. Done 5.7 k miles so not bad.
Anyway my supplier has an offer on the Pirelli Angel GT 2,s from which is an offer from Pirelli not the dealer. So a front and rear is £199.00 fitted incl. taxes.Its like buy a rear get the front free. Its a no-brainer for quality tyres and I'm so glad to get shut of the Bridgestones,which I never really liked that much. I'll let  you know how they perform when I get a few miles on them.

Great Price for a very good tyre. :041:
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Re: Pirelli Angel GT
Reply #31 on: May 07, 2021, 10:18:17 PM
*Originally Posted by miategra [+]
I wanted to give a quick update of my thoughts on Angel GTs.

First I want to say that I will be comparing how I feel on the bike between OEM Diablo Rosso II, Rosso III and Angel GTs.

Angel GTs makes me feel much more confident and safer when I just get on the bike. I think it is caused of two plus one issues. First I'm little short for s1000xr, 172cm. I think shape of the tire ( Rosso's especially Rosso III much more egg shaped then Angel Gt's.) Second, they definitely warm up quicker in our shitty tarmac. Third, I had the chance to try them on rain. The difference between Rosso III and Angel Gt is like day and night on wet tarmac. If you can control your wrist it is nearly like riding on dry with Angel GT when you compare to Rosso III. 
Those were the pros...
After a fast ride on mountain roads, when I check the tire for how much space left on the tire surface to lean I saw that it was like 3mm to the edge. I checked because I was feeling not confident enough to push the bike further like the Rosso III's. With the Rosso's left space was around 10mm's.
This is my only con...
At the end Angel GT is a touring tire and I hope that it will pay back the the mileage that I can do with a set of tire. For Rosso II it was 8000kms for Rosso III it was 8800kms for me. We will see how much kms I can squeeze from Angel GT's.
Because of the ugly tread pattern of the front tire (speaking of Angel GT II) I went for Angel GT. I'm happy with them but unless I can squeeze 12000kms form them I will definitely go back to Rosso III.


Update on Angel GT's:
Bike is around 24600kms so tires nearly done 7500~8000kms.
Rear started to flatten significantly.
Handling vise, they still handle and feel very good. I had fast (120 to 170kph) winding road experience today (bike was sitting for the past four months) and I had a large grin on my face. When I checked nearly nothing left on the edge of rear tire.
But the truth is I won't think that rear tire will last more than 1500kms.
So I will start to look for a new set of tires.
One solution is to buy just buy a new rear Angel GT, but I don't feel comfortable about the idea just renewing the rear tire.
I really like to hear your suggestions.



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Re: Pirelli Angel GT
Reply #32 on: May 08, 2021, 12:36:56 AM
Road 5 Gets a big thumbs up from me, as for replacing only the rear tyre, I did just that and being almost 700 miles into them (1120km) I've so far have absolutely 0 complaints (replaced failed Angel GT with Angel GT 2, still Angel GTs on the front) Bike handles perfectly well even for aggressive twisty riding, had the change to test wet weather and the bike performed as expected. So as far as I'm concerned in this scenario, there is absolutely 0 reason why you couldn't go ahead and only replace the rear, I've done it many times because rears simply wear faster than fronts on most bikes, caveat is obviously front tyres were still young in age (3 years old at the very most)