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Got it and my first impressions
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:19:00 PM »
So it went quick. Last week I had no clue if I wanted to trade my R or not neither asked or looked around. Temperatures then were -8 Celsius. Today took my brand new XR and temperatures are around 11 Celsius!

Dealer was tempting me with the Akra slip on from the 2016 range at around 800 usd. This years price is 1200! Same thing but probably Euro 4 approved.
First question. Does the Akra make sense? I know Akra not questioning their quality but on the xr only a kilo weight gain, no power gain no torque gain. Sound? Haven't heard much but the OEM growls nice! Specially in dynamic. I wonder rather paint it ceramic with a nice black, put a temp resistant Akra sticker ;). Your thoughts?

So the R lives inside the XR.
There is little of the R that isn't in the XR maybe only the seating position and the wind over your chest. Else all is in the R, speed, power, sound, gadgets. The shifter pro is the one I enjoy the most. I could go at my pace within some minutes, then darted pushing, launching up to 7000 rpm still, very easy practical.
Yes the leverage of the handlebars on the XR makes it lean easy then it goes. The R needs less but you move with it.
Did felt the slight turn radius increase in xr. Also was looking for SOFT suspension yes in the R it helps when u want to relax and you have those 3 settings but the xr I don't miss it as the road mode seems firm but compliant enough. So it's firm and flows with it.

So with this fairing I can ride more. Chest remained warm also felt not much on arms and side of legs so all good there. HEATED GRIPS are not as warm as in my R so that also goes into my list for first service.
Like added features on my navi V and it is easy to manipulate with the click wheel. Like that the clock in the xr is set with the navi V.

I have no doubts this is a exciting and practical machine. Hardly felt all the cases, will need to be careful.
Next waiting for the MRA Vario screen and the Wunderlich sport tank bag. I did moved my evotech performance radiator guards, Rizoma mirrors and the gb racing engine protection.
I do think I will do that black exhaust but open for opinions. And some rim stickers.
Ride ride ride that is what's next! Happy

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Re: Got it and my first impressions
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2017, 04:52:47 PM »
Congratulations  :152:

Yeah, the quickshifter is great & the grips are cr@p...