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Why was it only on the bike for one hour?
S1000XR - General Chat / What did you do to your S1000XR today?
« Last post by ad78 on Today at 04:25:20 pm »
wondering everyone doing with their S1000XR's. pics to follow but since owning this for like 2 weeks, here's what i did

Battery tender - Junior
Top case SH58x
flap wire disconnect
Ceramic coating - all shiny parts that includes windshield and wheels. even my arai's XD4 and regent X
T-rex frame and axle sliders
wireless charger cradle
right now, removed the side fairings so i can reach some bolts and electricals preparing for ACF-50 treatment
coming today - I'm getting rid of front turn signals as i cannot stand them. flat turn signals will be placed.

New Arrow Slip-On Exhaust for 2020+ (K69) S1000XR. I just received it. Was on bike for ONLY about an hour. Comes complete with EVERYTHING that manufacturer provides including box.

In the US, these are always speacial order for $699.00 with about a 3 to 4 week wait. Get it in just a few days.

$550.00us PayPal Friends & Family plus actual Fedex ground shipping.

PM if only you would like to purchase. Thanks!  :152:

S1000XR - General Chat / Re: 2022 Dyno Testing
« Last post by NoMoreV4 on Today at 03:33:41 pm »
Anybody want an brand new Arrow titanium muffler? It was used for about an hour. Its the 71927PK. Going to list it in the parts section.

S1000XR - General Chat / Re: S1000XR sat nav general question
« Last post by Wildhaus on Today at 12:28:43 pm »
Many thanks again for yet more helpful replies.   :152:

Unless going for the TE model of the XR that comes with sat nav preparation proves to be the most cost-effective approach, I will leave this out of the picture and see how I get on with the BMW Connected app first.  That's my first question done and dusted, so now to do my homework on luggage and screen before asking any in this vein.   :002:

Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Scottish Borders and back..
« Last post by af1-windy on Today at 10:34:36 am »
My partner and I have just had a week away in Buckland st. Mary, near Taunton, Somerset, but we had to cut it short for a hospital appointment for my better half, she's been waiting over a year so there was no way we were turning it down. Anyway, she said I should clear off on the bike for the weekend, seeing as I'd missed a day's holiday, I didn't need telling twice.  :001:

Antares, joined me Saturday morning, in Leeds, to make use of my garage and tools, to replace his front and rear pads, while I took his front wheel to have his new tyre fitted. We managed to get away about 13:00hr and set off for Caldbeck and the camp site;


Suffice to say, we took a very twisty route (Antares can post the route if anyone wants to see it  :084:) and arrived around 19:00hr after stopping of at 'The Crown' Pub for some food. They were very accommodating, all tables reserved but they said if we could be done for 18:30hr, it was about 17:50hr, we could have a table, 40 minutes was enough time to eat so we said, "yes please" and got seated. Great service and food. Can't remember where it was exactly, maybe Antares can post the details? We didn't have any cooking gear with us so we needed to fill up and make it last until breakfast the next day. The Campsite is basic but has toilets and showers, £7.50 each for the night, music to a Yorkshire man's ears..  :152: :034: :008:

I slept well, as did Antares, as far as I know. 06:00hr start, packed up the tents, headed out on a bright, fresh morning to find somewhere for breakfast. After about 40 minutes (?) or so, Antares pulled off the road to a Pub, 'The Cross Keys Hotel', popped in and asked if they did walk in breakfasts? They did, and it turned out to be a very good breakfast to boot. The owners were really nice and welcoming, set us up a table and told us to help ourselves to cereals and fruit juice while breakfast was cooked. Served us a very nice cup of coffee, then breakfast arrived, 2 bacon, sausage, beans, hash brown, mushrooms, black pudding, haggis, fried egg, grilled tomatoes and toast.. £10.00 Very highly recommended. And for some odd reason, all the locals visiting the little shop/post office next door were very interested in our bikes and where we were heading, had some very nice compliments on the bikes, but they are both RED (fastest colour  :008:) so it's to be expected  :034: :015:


From there we headed to Kielder Reservoir, called in for a coffee, which we had to get from a machine in the shop. Word of warning, don't head here for breakfast before 11:00hr on a Sunday, that's when the café opens, good job we stopped off earlier, initially, we were going try and make it to the café.

After this we just hit the twisty roads, again, I'm sure Antares can furnish you with the routes but I have to say, this one and a half day's riding has made it into my top 3 best UK rides of all times  :020: It was a tough couple of days, 6 hours on Saturday and just over 7 hours on Sunday, longest breaks where evening meal Saturday, 40 minutes and about the same time for Breakfast on Sunday, other than that it was just short breaks while we filled up and had a drink of water.

I can't wait to do it all over again, hopefully, very soon.  :821: windy

A few photos..  :028:

S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Keyfob Question
« Last post by Salem on Today at 09:56:11 am »
*Originally Posted by Zar_S1000XR [+]
Question Salem, does the emergency key need to be programmed to the bike? It's $78 for emergency key, compare to $390 for a keyfob.

I think the dealer needs to program the bike to learn the key into the EWS system. These keys use a rolling code, so  there must be a way to get the two to shake hands a first time. Similarly, if you lost a key I believe the dealer can remove it from the EWS memory
Items Wanted / Re: Panniers wanted for 2019 model
« Last post by bobdave on Today at 08:29:34 am »
I have messaged you in response to your offer on my pannier listing in the for sale section. cheers
Bikers Chat / Re: Photos from the Alps
« Last post by Gazk on Today at 08:20:35 am »
Humm WTF!

I could see them odd!

Thank, Crosshairs!
Bikers Chat / Re: Just clipped centre stand
« Last post by fozz on Today at 08:03:22 am »
Yep, considering taking my centre stand off. Gen 1 low chassis and two up happens a lot.
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