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Accessories, Mods, and Appearance / Re: Wunderlich Bar Risers
« Last post by BravoMike on Today at 09:53:19 PM »
*Originally Posted by esso_sa [+]
How about Gen 2 ? Is it necessary to re-route/extend the cables with 20mm risers ?

I have their bar riser on order and I’ll try to update once I get it installed.

It looks like the the clutch cable might be close with how it’s routed, but I might be able to get a little slack out of it
Hi Darty, ok thanks I'll do that...really P....d off..
Contact HEX ezCAN you’ll get a much better response.
Bikers Chat / Re: NEC Bike Show
« Last post by BobT on Today at 03:08:52 PM »
*Originally Posted by Belco100 [+]
I am due to have my work Christmas Dinner in Birmingham on the Thursday. Was going to stay overnight and go to the NEC on the Friday.

Try the Hilton Metropole hotel just next door to the NEC. Stay there every time I go and it has a great breakfast.
Bikers Chat / Re: NEC Bike Show
« Last post by Belco100 on Today at 01:54:23 PM »
I am due to have my work Christmas Dinner in Birmingham on the Thursday. Was going to stay overnight and go to the NEC on the Friday.
Hi All, any help would be gratefully appreciated as Denali have been useless at answering emails x 4 & telephone calls x3 as have Nippy Normans.....Happy to take your money though.

2018 S1000XR SESport, I have fitted the Gen 2 Cansmart & D2 light pods which all work fine, as does the Innovv K3 from the accessory power on the Cansmart.


The OEM DRL is set to Auto, but now when I start the bike within 3 seconds the OEM DRL turns off ??? Why...its never ever done that before, only since fitting the Denali items.

Is it me am I missing something???

Thanks for the reply.

While I’m trying to sort this out I suspect you are right, the only way to get this to stop is the shifting timing or using the quick shift. I’ve changed my shift/clutch timing and it hasn’t happened. (Which is rather annoying to me, as the owner of over 40 motorcycles and which none of them have or had this issue…)

I never use fuel containing ethanol, I only ever use the highest grade fuel. I have had my bike running the latest software from BMW and regularly carried out adaption resets, throttle resets etc and none of this has made any difference. I have read elsewhere that a certain setting of the hill hold will stop it from happening, this is also not true. The only thing that prevents it from happening is clutchless downshifting. I have no car, so my bike has been my daily commute since purchase in Nov 2020, I have done 17,000klms. I can induce the fault when I like, regardless of fuel brand, ambient temp, speed, gear selected and throttle position.
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Any updates on alternative exhausts
« Last post by lospsi on Today at 05:50:40 AM »
I finally got to install the S1000RR 2015 exhuast setup I've bought some time ago. I didn't fit it myself as I was a bit lazy, the headers were a direct fit (as expected), the end can wasn't. I was hoping the Arrow can would fit under the passenger footpeg but it needed a different link pipe (I wanted to keep passenger pegs). I really like the end result, I got to keep the exhaust valve too (with a bit of creativity from my mechanic) so with that and the Arrow db killer, noise is bad at all. I would say just a bit more than my SC Project (without baffle)+stock headers setup.
Unfortunately, the bike runs bad now. I hoped it would be OK because I was keeping key elements of the system (cats, valve) but that was not the case. A huge dip in performance around 5K, throttle responce feels unconsistent, I get a bit more vibes. Didn' t rev it above 7K but I'm sure I have to do a ECU flash. We'll see how that goes, I'm keen to keep the baffle in, I hope it doesn't affect the performance of the bike.
Oh, I did install HP chain adjusters too :002:

Yea those look nice, I'm just concerned about the ebay images looking like this:

But then in some places it looks ok:

Otherwise apart from the apparent paint finish this is identical to the one in your aliexpress link.
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