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New Member Introductions / Re: New Member from New York
« Last post by inctomi on Today at 07:04:36 PM »
The color scheme on the 22 M sport is slightly different but I like both. Is yours enroute on a ship or waiting at a dealership for you to pick up? Mine was picked up close to Pittsburgh so it was a bit far but if the weather were to hit 50s, I would have opted to ride it back but it was in single digits.

For your pillion question, I have test ridden this exact bike last month for about 100 miles and I have demo'ed other Gen 2 XRs last year for longer periods. The OEM seat locks you into position and while this is very comfortable from a highway touring standpoint, this wouldn't work well for me on twisties or on a track as the sides of the seat dig into my thigh and I can't comfortably move from side to side. I would have to get a second seat, may be a Sargent seat (cheapest option), BMW M-Seat or Wunderlich or perhaps send this seat to RDL for a sports seat conversion instead of their day long verison.
New Member Introductions / Re: New Member from New York
« Last post by jaythedreamer on Today at 06:45:47 PM »
Congrats, looks great. I am from Chicagoland waiting for my 2022 M Sport. My only pardon to BMW for the long delivery is also the weather  :002:. Hopefully I will get her by Spring? I know we cannot ride now but do you find the pillion position good for 2/3 hours two up rides? Thats my only concern.
Antares, you give us all hope. If someone who has the knowledge and confidence to take an engine apart can miss a rattly mirror, then a not so technically minded person such as myself feels a lot better, and happier about making mistakes with my own low grade work on the bike! Thanks!
*Originally Posted by Antares [+]
All part of the experience process hahahaha

Differential blueing on the gear wheel is a bit worrying, but otherwise-  I am reminded of this.   :046:

I purchased this off of a wrecked bike, had it repaired and powdercoated. It all flaked off. Learned the hard way about ceramic coating. Exhaust still functions as normal. You must use your stock hardware. $200 shipped.

All part of the experience process hahahaha
In future posts if someone says they have engine noise. You can advise them to check the mirrors first with confidence.  :821:
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Car oil
« Last post by Belco100 on Today at 01:25:22 PM »
I know I will get a backlash for this, but I use Mobil 1 (normally 0-40) in just about everything.

Great oil and a fair price, never had a problem and never had a clutch slip because of it.

I have never run it in a BMW though - they have always been kept dealer serviced  :164:
*Originally Posted by Antares [+]
Oh my bloody fucking god.................


 :008: :008: :008: :008: :008:

Oh Antares, that is so funny  :745:

I know you just done a massive service and was blaming yourself, so pleased it was something that simple in the end  :821:
Bikes for Sale / Re: Looking to buy XR
« Last post by Mab1067 on Today at 01:03:22 PM »
Not that i have ever had. Usually cheaper as not so much interest to pay. The payment will obviously be slightly higher if 9 months or a year early. But bike worth more. All you do is either trade in or sell and pay off with money you get for bike.
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