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S1000XR - General Chat / Re: 2020 XR Dashcam Fitting
« Last post by philbuck on Today at 11:47:21 AM »
Molsal, PM'd you

S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Extended warranty
« Last post by bazzer on Today at 11:27:42 AM »
Yes and water pumps :-)

I am not claiming they are duffers, just they are not without issues, I love mine and I just see it as part an parcel of running a bike.

The ignition barrel and switch gear issue is common across RR, R and even GS.

The fork seals are very common too and there have been more than a few cam shaft issues. On a possitive note my cams were fine :-)

Its a great bike, just daft to pretend they are a Honda :-D

S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Extended warranty
« Last post by Speedy on Today at 11:06:09 AM »
 :0461:  bazzer.  And don't forget water pumps....
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Extended warranty
« Last post by Winger on Today at 11:03:07 AM »
Mate there’s a difference between the odd lemon and a duff model...i’ve Only bumped into one when Triumph introduced their new Tiger first one lasted 6 weeks, after handbags at dawn I had another....the dealer at the time was very good and had already warned me Triumph realised their where issues... I was even told ‘For god sake if the bike goes over while the motor is running turn the the dam thing off cuz it’ll hydraulic itself...I never trusted it and neither did Triumph because with 18 months of the 885i launch they introduced the 955i...they look similar the motors are nothing like and I still have mine.

When looking at K1200s/r...found out when the model was launched in September 04 every press bike went back to Germany they were that bad, they re launched in 05 an absolute heap of junk or be it a very fast one, i’d Be typing all day to list the things that went wrong, I bought mine in 07 and while BM has done some modifications the clutch was still that problematic the dealer would ask me if I wanted 10/40 or 5/40 oil because of the clutch....I had two in mine before a ‘fix’ appeared(after 2 years)and was then told 5/40 only.

The saving grace for us Brits, when we had the Sterling crash in 08, the Euro bike dealers came over and bought the majority for peanuts, still laugh about being in Vines and them telling me about a trader turning up with two seven and half ton lorries, wandered round the show room pointing at bikes he wanted, they asked him about paying they took him down the bank for money transfer and off he went.

After my waffle this X/R ain’t no dud, their might be the odd duffer but until 30/40 turn up all with the same problem....
Bikers Chat / Re: Anyone Looking Over Their Shoulder
« Last post by Belco100 on Today at 10:52:56 AM »
After running a R1250GS for about a year I have decided twins really aren't my thing, but the V4 Multistrada does look pretty good. A mate has already test ridden one and placed an order. But the price of the thing - priced up online at just over £23k!! Bloody hell.

(Mind you, just priced up a new XR in Motorsport colours and that was £19k  :012:)
Riding Gear, Clothing, Apparel / Re: Shoei Neotec 2 + Sena SRL
« Last post by Helgeelg6804 on Today at 09:23:40 AM »
Yes of course it is a Sena srl2. Not 20. My mistake.
Riding Gear, Clothing, Apparel / Re: Shoei Neotec 2 + Sena SRL
« Last post by mmrodrigues on Today at 09:20:38 AM »
*Originally Posted by Helgeelg6804 [+]
I have the Sena srl 20. I haven’t tried to disconnect the microphone yet. But I will try to do that. My problem is not constant. It comes and go but is very disturbing.

Are you sure it's srl 20?   Or is it a sena SRL 2 or sena 20S?

At least for 20S they had issues with sound that were fixed with a firmware update. Some users have problems when connecting with a videocam (e.g. GoPro).

If it's not the mic of interference with other device the firmware may solve and it's quite easy fo update.
Here is the link for srl2:
Or for 20s:

Items Wanted / OEM exhaust headers wanted 2016 model.
« Last post by Jgunshon on Today at 08:10:18 AM »
Hi everyone, the bike I bought had a full Akra system installed. I would like to change it back to just a slip on system. Anyone got any headers they are selling? I will also be selling the akra ones. Will also sell the BAZZAZ fuel module.  Let me know cheers.
New Member Introductions / New owner in Manchester
« Last post by Jgunshon on Today at 08:04:42 AM »
Hi everyone, just picked up a 2016 low mileage XR SE sport  :001:, absolutely love it! Just needs a few changes to suit my needs.
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Extended warranty
« Last post by bazzer on Today at 07:51:50 AM »
I have two leaking inlet valves at 28K miles, not gone pop, but I bet it was way down on power if I had put it on a dyno. So I don't think its fair to say these bikes don't have problems.

They also have issues with ignition barrels, switch gear, fork seals and cams.

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