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S1000XR - General Chat / Re: KTMs
« Last post by RyanGTXR on Today at 01:34:56 PM »
Tyres . . . .
I have Angel GT's (std fitment) on my GT and can't really fault them for a fast road / touring tyre. Get about 3500 miles from a rear but I'm not gentle with the throttle, my mate is heading for about the same on Mich PR4's on his XR
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: KTMs
« Last post by RyanGTXR on Today at 01:31:59 PM »
Shad make the GT panniers, supposedly 30ltrs (XR 31ltrs) but do look smaller than that  somehow. You can get after market panniers but you loose the clean lines with daft fitting kits.
My partner was comfy on the back on a southern France trip last year, 2200 miles in a week. Although the grab rail is a weird shape so not great on her hands when holding on tight . . . . . . . .but that is replaced when the rear carrier is fitted for longer trips.
I have the pillion ergo seat too so a bit comfier than the stock one

One of the big differences between the XR and the GT is the riding position, the XR you sit in and very touring like bar / pegs, the GT you sit on top (and very much feels like it) with pegs lower and further back, bars bit lower, not as wide and feels closer as you lean forward a bit. Almost feels like a race bike after getting off the XR but very comfy for all day riding
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: KTMs
« Last post by merlin on Today at 01:20:31 PM »
OK thanks Ryan. Any info on pillion seating/comfort etc? Oh and tyres...

I see that KTM have panniers to fit the GT but they look smaller than the XR ones, and I don't think the likes of Shad do stuff for the Super Duke.
No problem with the Super Adventure I guess...
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: KTMs
« Last post by RyanGTXR on Today at 12:00:29 PM »
I've got a GT, smaller lighter (and feels a lot less top heavy) loads of grunt but I am going to get a hilltop map sometime as you need to be above 4.5k or it gets lumpy. Reaaly does fire you out of corners when in the right gear though  :001:
I think the XR is slightly better for luggage capacity but the GT looks better / cleaner when the panniers are removed. The rear carrier is expensive but works.
My GT seat height is taller than the XR (powerparts ergo seat takes it to about 855mm) but feels roughly the same as the KTM is thinner.
2 very different but similar bikes in many ways

Oh and the gearbox is fekin 'orrible on the 16 - 18 bikes. Updated on the 19 to same as the 17- SDR / ADV, meant to be much better but not ridden a newer bike
S1000XR - General Chat / KTMs
« Last post by merlin on Today at 09:39:25 AM »
Has anyone tried/owned a KTM 1290 Super Adventure S? If so how does it compare to the XR (apart from the obvious)?
The 'S' is the important bit as although it's a little more adventure-y I think it's the nearest of the 1290 to the XR in spirit.

Also possibly the 1290 Super Duke GT?

Thank you....
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: Shake down ride . . . . . .
« Last post by merlin on Today at 09:29:54 AM »
The ABS/TCS lights should go out whatever engine mode you're in (once the bike is rolling) - it shows the system has completed it's self-test routine and all is well. If the lights stay on it means it thinks there's a fault. You may have a dodgy ABS sensor (or a bad connection to one).
Riding Gear, Clothing, Apparel / Re: Winter Gloves?! HELP!
« Last post by merlin on Today at 09:23:09 AM »
My Dainese Scouts are fine so far (I've also just got their Carve Master 2 jacket, which is ace).

I was going to get the Halvarssons Advance (they make great gloves generally) but they don't have a visor wiper, which is essential in rain at night, especially in traffic.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Continental TKC 80's on S1000XR
« Last post by robby85 on Today at 08:16:50 AM »
Brilliant thanks for translating!
On my 2015 XR, purchased from Bahnstormers, I had exactly the same issue on the right fork leg. Apparently, in my case, it was simply 'installation' grease around the dust cover coming off and its not a leaking seal. it only show on that side, mine has 34,000 miles as seals still ok
S1000XR - General Chat / Re: ECU Re-map and warranty
« Last post by JTL on Today at 07:37:58 AM »
My understanding is the Hilltop remap is not visible to BMW.  So unless you tell them, the warranty would unaffected.
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